Nine Steps to Clean your Air Conditioner’s Outer Casing

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October 2, 2020
Nine Steps to Clean your Air Conditioner’s Outer Casing

Clean your Air Conditioner’s Outer Casing

Keeping curls of your air conditioner’s condenser perfect and liberated from the debris can permit your unit to run all the more productively and broaden its life expectancy. Numerous individuals decide to clean their climate control systems in the springtime, guaranteeing it is in top condition not long before the warmth of summer hits. Here are a couple of steps on keeping your outside unit clean and keeping your framework running effectively if you are an outer casing manufacturer.

1st Step: Disconnect Power

Most central air condition systems are furnished with a shutoff box close to the unit itself. Contingent upon your unit’s image and model, you may need to pull out the shutoff box, expel a breaker, or flip a change to close the ability to the unit. In case your specific warming and cooling unit do not have a shutoff box, divert off the force from the electrical panel or circuit breaker that controls your unit.

2nd Step: Trim Away Plant Growth

Make sure that any weeds, bushes, grass, or other foliage are finely cut a minimum of two feet away from your AC unit to prevent them from getting inside.

3rd Step: Detach the Access Panel of Outer Case

Depending on your type of unit, you will either need a nut driver or a screwdriver to remove the outer casing or access panel.

4th Step: Remove The Air Conditioner’s Top

You may require to hold upwards, the fan assembly of your unit so as to evacuate the highest point of the air condition system. Provided that this is true, be mindful so as not to stretch and harm the fan wires.

5th Step: Lubricate and Clean Fan Assembly

Utilize a cloth, brush, or shop vacuum to clear any earth and garbage that have collected on the fan engine and shaft. This is additionally a decent chance to apply a little drop of oil to every oil port in your engine. On the off chance that your unit doesn’t have oil ports, avoid this progression.

6th Step: Brush Away Surface Dirt

Use a broom or a brush. Now, gently brush away dirt from the coils.

7th Step: Spray Clean Coils

Caught dirt can be showered away with simply water, while increasingly considerable soil may expect you to utilize a biodegradable foaming cleaner. Continuously spread any wires or engines with plastic before you splash. Spray the coils all things considered and permit it to drench for around 15 minutes, repeating as important. Wash away any residual cleaner from the loops until the spillover is clear. Try not to power wash your curls, as this will harm your AC unit.

8th Step: Damage Inspection

If any coil fins are bent, they can be combed straight using a special “fin comb” which can be purchased at any air conditioning supply store.

9th Step: Reassembly

Ensure that you recover all the screws on! Presently you can walk out on the power and make the most of or enjoy your decent, clean unit.

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